corporate self defence workshops


corporate self defence workshops 

Insta Krav Maga conducts self-defence workshops and seminars for corporates and businesses of all sizes.

What & Why Krav Maga?
Known for its simple techniques based on natural body moments and focused on quick learning and application on real-world situations, Krav Maga has come a long way since its inception in 1940's for the Israeli defence and security forces.

Krav Maga employs fighting techniques that are simple to learn and lethal to execute. It can be absorbed by any person regardless of gender, age, shape or size in a short duration of time. So, whether it’s an uninvited hugger or a gun-wielding maniac, Krav Maga will teach you to defend from every spectrum of attack efficiently & in the shortest possible time.

In today’s fast-paced society crime and violence are on the rise making self-defence a necessity, especially for vulnerable sections of society like working professionals, women & children, who are exposed to real-world danger.
Insta Krav Maga was born keeping the need for training in Krav Maga in the shortest possible time. It aims at imparting the basics & advanced Krav Maga in a time frame tailored to the convenience of the individual & corporates.


Why Self Defence for Corporates?
As a head of "Human Resources Department,"you are not only tasked to hire the right talent but also to train and retrain them at all cost. According to a study, the human part of an organisation sums up to 80 percent of the organisation’s assets; reason enough for you to keep them Fit, Healthy, Happy, and secured both on and off the Job. 
With the rise in the violence, it is not uncommon for employees of an organisation to fall victim to violence. Where it happens is irrelevant but it invariable causes lot of pain to the employees, their family and organisation alike. Corporates of all sizes are now looking at Self Defence to protect their staff. While there are many martial arts available but the need of the hour is a system which is reality-based and is a pure no-nonsense self Defence which can be absorbed quickly.
Violence not only harms a person physically but also causes stress, anxiety, low morale and conflict, which is not desirable for an organisation, its growth and people in it.

Krav Maga is known to lower the stress level of people since it works on channelling and controlling adrenaline dump to get out of an ugly situation.


Few more points to consider why Krav Maga will be good for your organisation

  • Promotes healthy lifestyle 

  • Life-saving skills

  • Acts as a deterrent to violence at workplace

  • Increased situational awareness helps in stopping violence before it happens

  • Confident, calm, & stressfree workforce

  • Promotes out of the box thinking and problem solving 

  • Managing adrenaline dump leads better focus under pressure.

  • Fun at work

  • Increased productivity

  • Happy employees

  • Better at understanding body language


We offer two variations of corporate training workshop: 

  • 90-minute Intro to Self Defense

  • Intensive Krav Maga Boot Camp of 4 Hours 


90 Minute Krav maga Workshop

  • Includes 30-minute presentation on self-defence and fighting topics, physiology of criminals & theory of distance

  • 60 Minutes hands-on training on defence against chokes & hugs. The workshop will also cover basic strikes such as palm heel punch, Kicks & elbows.


All in all, this will be a fun and interactive way to bring people together and get people to think about self-defence.


Fees: Rs. 10000 nett

Intensive Krav Maga Boot Camp -  4 Hours

Krav Maga Boot Camps are intense, energetic & explosive training programmes designed to focus on essential aspects of Krav Maga and its application in the real world. Participants are trained in combative moves and techniques utilised in Krav Maga and are put into stressful circumstances to hone their skills. Krav Maga Boot camps focus on Tabata based drills and systems which will provide participants with a cardio workout, strength training & conditioning workout that will get them battle ready.
Participants will learn to defend against various violent street attacks & taught necessary skills to overcome these attacks under stressful, shock & adrenaline rush conditions.

The boot camp covers all the techniques taught in workshop plus advanced kicks, knee strikes, defence against headlock & knife threat and multiple attackers.


Fee: Rs. 2000 per person, minimum of 10 people