krav maga bootcamps

What are Krav Maga Bootcamps?

Krav Maga Boot Camps are intense, energetic & explosive training programmes designed to focus on essential aspects of Krav Maga and its application in the real world. Participants are trained in combative moves and techniques utilised in Krav Maga and are put into stressful circumstances to hone their skills. Krav Maga Boot camps focus on Tabata based drills and systems which will provide participants with a cardio workout, strength training & conditioning workout that will get them battle ready.

Participants will learn to defend against various violent street attacks & taught necessary skills to overcome these attacks under stressful, shock & adrenaline rush intense conditions.

This boot camp was devised to impart as much of knowledge as possible in shortest possible time to people who are exposed to the elements but are unable to devote time on regular basis to attend weekly / daily class.

Over a period and after attending various boot camps students will see these techniques becoming more natural and instinctive to them and will build muscle memory & self-confidence.

Types of Krav Maga Bootcamps

Krav Maga Boot Camp (One day)*: Learn and master the necessary combative techniques used in Krav Maga, including palm heel punches, knee strikes, elbows, hammer and basic kicks, defence against a variety of chokes, headlocks, grabs, and bear hugs. 

Advanced Krav Maga Boot Camp (One day)*: Revision of techniques learnt in boot camp, plus master advanced punches, kicks, knee strikes, headlocks break fall, defence against knife threat & attack, defence against stick attack and other techniques not covered in the basic boot camp.

Multiple Attackers (Part of Advance Boot Camp): Learn how to successfully defend yourself fight off multiple attackers with or without weapons

Krav Maga Drills (common for both): An opportunity for participants to use their self-defence training in a variety of reality-based exhaustion, stress, and aggression drills.


Combat Boot Camp (One day)*: In this camp, you’ll undergo a revision of boot camp, advanced boot camp and advanced sparring and fighting techniques. You will learn how to fight off an attacker from the ground in a variety of situations and regain your footing quickly and efficiently while maintaining control of the situation.

Krav Maga Boot Camp Fee


  • Krav Maga Boot camp - Rs 3500 (Plus tax)

  • Advanced Krav Maga Boot camp - Rs 5500 (Plus tax)

  • Krav Maga Combat Boot camp - Rs 6500 (Plus tax)


Bootcamp starts on a Saturday from 9:30 Am to 5: 30 PM

All students are required to take the Krav Maga boot camp before or in conjunction with our other boot camp programmes, such as advanced boot camp or combat boot camp.